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Lydia Mason

Lydia started her design career in the early 80’s as a general contractor’s designer in Naples, Florida. Her role, in addition to designing the model homes, was to work with clients in selecting all of the materials needed for building their new home. This included kitchen and bath tiles, countertops, flooring for all rooms, fixtures, lighting, cabinetry, hardware and finishes, paint and trim colors. She also coordinated the outside materials including the shingles or roof tiles, window finishes, and paint and trim colors.

Years later Lydia moved to the mountains in North Carolina where she had the opportunity to design homes and cabins in a variety of styles. Modern Mountain, Rustic Chic and Eclectic Farmhouse to name a few. She and her clients had fun finding descriptive words to define their style. Sometimes if they had trouble describing their style Lydia would ask to see their closet. The colors, patterns, and types of clothing would give Lydia clues as to what they liked. She would then create a design board pulling fabrics, colors, and items together to create a beautiful room or home. Traveling between North Carolina and Florida, Lydia is enjoying helping her clients create beautiful homes they will love and cherish every day.

Lydia is an Associate member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), the International Feng Shui Guild (IFSG), and Business Network International (BNI).



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“Lydia furnished our new home in Florida. She is patient kind and really gets to know your style. One of the tools she uses is a program where you can see the furniture, artwork, rugs, lamps, draperies, etc. in your space. You get to see how it will look and fit. This was extremely helpful. Lydia is a very talented and knowledgeable designer. My husband and I highly recommend her. We are so happy with what she had done and love our home.”


“Lydia’s talent is rare- that’s all I can say. She was able to look at a couple of photographs of an empty room, ask me some questions about style and color, and voila, she created for me a space that reflected my own true style! She was both confident and gentle in her approach, able to communicate our collective ideas both verbally and visually, and just knocked it out of the park. How someone could visualize what this space became is beyond me. If you have the chance to work with Lydia, I highly recommend it.”